Study the Sun from your armchair with The Sun Live



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The Sun Live shows you the always updated images and videos from the Solar Dynamics Observatory orbiting the Earth and monitoring the Sun 24/7.

As the Solar Cycle is close to its 11 year maximum, and NASA predicts that the solar magnetic field is going to flip during the next couple of months, our Sun is expected to display a lot of activity in the near future. Hunt for prominences, flares and sun spots and follow them while they really happen.

  • Save and share – Save the most spectacular images on your phone or send them through mail, mms or social media.
  • Pick of the Week – Solar action in images, text and video selected by NASAs SDO team.
  • Search the archive – Find out what the Sun looked like on important moments, like on your latest birthday.
  • The Fascinating Facts will surprise and entertain you and provide you with interesting subjects for conversation.
  • Learn More takes you through the basics of the Sun’s structure, life cycle and its influences on life here on Earth.
  • See for Yourself – Dust off your old binoculars or zoom enabled camera and learn how to get a cheap and safe solar filter.
  • Always a glance away – Pin the live views and Pick of the week as live tiles or as your lock screen background.
The Sun Live is also available for Windows 8.1, both versions are free.Get The Sun Live for Windows Phone 8 here, or for Windows 8.1 here.

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Study the Sun from your armchair with The Sun Live 2.0 for Windows Phone 8

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