Study helps Microsoft claim Xbox Live is “the fastest, most reliable gaming network”

by Surur
September 8, 2016


Microsoft has started a marketing campaign praising their Xbox Live network as the “fastest, most reliable gaming network” after a study by analytics firm IHS Markit.

The study tested metrics around the gaming networks such as log-in speed, speed of matchmaking, stability, load times and lag, and found in general the Xbox Live network was better that the PlayStation network in most metrics except for matchmaking, where the PSN was faster and more reliable.

They noted that the PSN was impacted by its two-step login and frequent network outages. When it came to speed, which was “based not only on how quickly consumers could connect to a gaming network, but also on how quickly gaming tasks could be completed,”  Xbox Live is overall quicker at uploading data and letting players log in.

Overall, IHS Markit found Xbox Live beats PlayStation Network in terms of logging in, having players join parties and the quality of its voice chat.

Based on this independent information Microsoft has already incorporated the data in a marketing campaign which can be seen above.

Whether this will have any impact on buying decisions remains to be seen. 5 years ago the quality of the Xbox Live gaming network was a major selling point for the console, but PlayStation has done a lot of catching up, though it appears there may still be a small way to go for full parity.

See the full report here.

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