Students learn to develop games using Microsoft HoloLens

Students from Fresno and Clovis attending the  Center for Advanced Research and Technology are now able to learn to develop games on Microsoft’s HoloLens.

The young 17-18 year old developers in the Interactive Game Design class at CART have the opportunity to create games using the latest augmented reality technology, after their school authorized the purchase of one of the $3000 headsets.

“It’s not virtual reality, and it’s not augmented reality, either,” said CART student Landon Houze. “It’s called “mixed reality.”

Houze noted that the HoloLens itself was still in early development. “At times it’s frustrating,” Houze said, but he believed it had great potential.

“It’s something new; it’s something that you don’t really get to try out everyday,” said CART student Nicolas Gaytan said.

“If that’s still a few years out, now is a great time to learn how to do it,” said Matthew Hodge, CART Interactive Game Design teacher and Microsoft developer, who introduced the technology into the school. “It’s coming, and if you’ve spent time actually learning how to develop experiences for this new world of computer interaction, you’re going to have it on all the competition that’s graduating with you, at the other end of college.”

See the students in action in the video below: