Stuck with a Blackberry? Windows Phone 7 skin now available

WP7-op-BlackBerryThere are no more out-dated phones that RIM’s Blackberries, with user interfaces which owe more to pagers than anything from the 21st century.

No wonder only 26% of users are very satisfied with their handsets, and only 4% of new buyers intend to get a new RIM phone.

If you are unlucky enough to be stuck with a Blackberry you can still get a small taste of Windows phone 7, with this new skin called Mo7 by drkapprentice designs.

The skin is available in 7 colours,four opacity settings and is suitable for both touch and non-touch devices.

The skin is only $1.99, down from $5.99, but you might just want to do yourself a favour by springing for the real thing for not much from your local carrier.

The app can be found here.