Stroop Effect – Color Confusion Game for Windows Phone 8

Stroop Effect Screenshots

Stroop Effect Icon“In psychology, the Stroop Effect is a demonstration of interference in the reaction time of a task. When the name of a color (e.g., “blue,” “green,” or “red”) is printed in a color not denoted by the name (e.g., the word “red” printed in blue ink instead of red ink), naming the color of the word takes longer and is more prone to errors than when the color of the ink matches the name of the color. The effect is named after John Ridley Stroop who first published the effect in English in 1935.” –

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The game uses speech recognition to see how you perform against the Stroop Effect. Make your way through 15 levels of increasing difficulty to see if you can beat the Stroop Effect.

This game was my submission for the DVLUP Color Confusion challenge, and I hope you enjoy it.

Please feel free to submit feedback and suggestions via the in-app links.

For more screenshots and a link to download the free version (no ads), please click here or scan the QRCode.