Strictly for developers:WindowlessControl Tutorial

Koushik Dutta is responsible for a lot of the G-sensor software we have seen in recent times, being the genius behind the G- and everything else- sensor API seen in a lot of recent software. He has recently wandered over to the Android side, expressing frustration with the UI-toolset available on Windows Mobile.

He has returned briefly to the Windows Mobile fold to share his wisdom one last time by doing some teaching on his self-created UI control for Windows Mobile which allows developers to create software that is resolution-independent and looks good on any number of devices.

The UI framework allows:

  • Relative Layout of Screen Elements – Controls are positioned relative to each other and to the screen, not at absolute positions, which is the behavior of Windows Forms. The benefit of relative layout is that your form can fit any screen form factor.
  • Transparent Controls – There are ways to get transparencies into Windows Mobile, but none elegant.
  • Smart Key Navigation – Up, down, left, and right actually navigate you in that direction. Very handy for non-touch screens.
  • Data Driven Controls – Controls are driven by the data they represent. This allows for a clean MVC pattern which is not available with Windows Forms.
  • Simple Animation System – Creating and handling “focus” and “click” states for buttons is very simple.
  • Custom Controls – This framework can be used to create rich custom controls quite easily.
  • Hierarchical Events – All events bubble upwards in the control hierarchy and can be handled at any level. Similar to WPF.
  • XAML style layout – Create your user interface using XML.

As usual, besides the tutorial, the software also comes with complete source-code.

I would encourage developers to make use of the tools provided by this very accomplished gentleman.

Read more about the WindowlessControl here.

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