Straw 2.2 brings Bing Image Search integration for polls


11, 2015


Straw, one of the best polling apps for Windows Phone, Android and iOS recently got updated to integrate with Bing Image Search. With Straw 2.2, users will easily be able to search an image on Bing and add it to their poll. If you’ve previously used images on polls, you probably know it’s quite annoying to download an image to your phone, and then adding it to the poll — however, Straw 2.2 makes it easier allowing users to search on Bing for an image and quickly add it to their poll.


For those wondering – yes, you can crop the images which is also a pretty nice feature. Impressively enough, the Straw team managed to bring this feature to all the platforms on the same day — if you’re a Windows Phone, Android, iOS or the Web app user, you’ll be able to use Bing Image Search on polls right now.  If you want to get Straw 2.2 for Windows Phone, head over to this link.

What do you think of the latest update for Straw? Discuss in the comment section below.

Developer: Straw, LLC
Price: Free

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