Strangely, in UK carrier customer service agents do not try and sell you an iPhone if you ask for a Windows Phone


UK residents will know that Microsoft is marketing Windows Phone pretty aggressively here, and it has paid off in a market share around 10% for more than a year now.

UK based Mobile News performed Mystery Caller calls to each of the 5 major carriers in UK, asking for a Windows Phone but with a budget of no more than £20 ($31) per month.

While 1/5 representatives scored 2/5 for knowledge, 3 scored more than 4/5 for knowledge of the phone operating system, with one customer service rep actually owning a Nokia Lumia 1020 and being “a big fan of Windows Phone”.

In terms of helpfulness 3 reps scored more than 4/5, with the only issue with Three being that she wanted to upsell the mystery caller to an even more expensive Windows Phone.

Mobile News notes:

As Windows Phone grows in popularity, CSAs need to get used to selling it more. Part of the appeal is cheaper handsets and most of them found good deals.
After waiting a long time on hold, Kevin at EE was a little bit abrupt and not overly helpful. He gave some information without ever really delivering a top sales pitch.
The Virgin advisor also provided good information but ruined the call by making me an offer and then withdrawing it after she realised I wasn’t an existing customer.
Elliott at Vodafone was more consistent but a poor phone line and some gaps in his knowledge lowered his score.
O2’s Leah was great but she kept repeating herself – especially the word ’tiles’ – and that made the call overly long and cost her the victory.
The win deservedly went to Sarah at Three for providing the most information and giving the best sales pitch, even if she did try to get me to spend over budget.

Most interesting however none of the reps were trying to sell iPhones or Android phones to the Windows Phone shoppers. Due to some very good marketing by Microsoft and Nokia Windows Phone has developed a real niche in UK, which will hopefully continue to grow after iPhone Christmas mania is over.

Does this survey reflect our reader’s experience?

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