stormy7 Version 2 is out

“The storm has struck again and this time it is much stronger; aside from the lightning, thunder and rain, it seems a vicious hail storm is coming! But don’t worry; because this time we’re even more prepared to wipe the steam -faster- with as many fingers as your phone can handle and if that’s not good enough you can even use a blow dryer to wipe it all!”

The most natural storm experience on your phone, Stormy 7 Free is the first app to allow you to wipe the steam on your window on a stormy day and express your inner artist!

Impress your friends and children by a realistic condensation upon blowing the microphone on a background or a photo of your choice which can be you loved one and enjoy wiping the steam (tilt your device to move the water drops, the rain and the hail!)

Don’t forget to explore the extra buttons when they appear and when you’re finished take a screenshot to remember the chilly storm!

A blasting experience with these amazing features:

  • Realistic water droplets when wiping that move when you move your phone.
  • A real storm with lightening, thunder, rain and hail.
  • A blow dryer for quickly wiping off the steam.
  • Text engraved on the steam that can be wiped.
  • Blow your microphone to make more condensation and see your drawing fade away leaving tracks.
  • Take a screen shot from the disk button.
  • Change the microphone sensitivity setting to have the most natural blowing on any device.

p.s.: don’t forget to dry your clothes!

Change log V2.0:

  • Multitouch support.
  • New blow dryer icon for quick wiping.
  • Added Hail storm.
  • The rain and hail can now move with the accelerometer (landscape support).
  • Added text to write on the steam.
  • Added save button.
  • Increased performance by 50% when wiping.
  • Various bug fixes.

Stormy 7 is available in both a free ad-supported version and a paid version for $0.99 and can be found by searching Marketplace.

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