Stormy 7 V2 coming soon with added hail storms


26, 2011


Stormy7 has really been the only Windows Phone 7 application to impress my daughter, and the new update in the works, to version 2.0, should ensure this remains the case.

The app simulates a steamed up window looking onto a stormy weather scene, which can be a stored picture or one taken with the camera, and allows one to doodle in the mist.

The new version includes multi-touch support, faster performance, new weather options like hail and better accelerometer support.

The full new feature list in v2.0 :

  • Multi-touch support.
  • New blow dryer icon for quick wiping.
  • Added Hail storm.
  • The rain and hail can now move with the accelerometer (landscape support).
  • Added text to write on the steam.
  • Added save button.
  • Increased performance by 50% when wiping.

Story7 is free and ad-supported and should appear in Marketplace soon.


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