StopWatchXB : A simple, easy and powerful stopwatch for Windows Phone 7

stopwatchxb612011145235 stopwatchxb510201116534 stopwatchxb427201119415

stopwatchxb510201116536StopWatchXB permits you to follow your performances lap by lap, with a simple graphic chart showing your laps time and average time.
For further analyses at home you can send all your results by email.

If you are running on a track, StopWatchXb calculates your average speed .

StopWatchXB includes an alert system to schedule a time remaining before sound alert (from total time or lap time) :
usage :

  • stop running after a scheduled time
  • alert remind you before the runner/car racer is approaching to not miss him
  • use this alert to know when you have to increase your efforts on your lap

Full presentation :

StopWatchXB is a powerful and easy to use stopwatch perfectly adapted for fast use. It includes big coloured buttons for an easy click. Moreover, if you are running on a known distance track, StopWatchXB calculates your average speed. StopWatchXB is perfect for running, cycling, motorcycling or car racing. Graphic embedded permit you to follow your performances and analyse it immediately from your phone. If you need further analyses, you can send your performances by mail and analyse it at home pasting it in your favourite spread sheet software.

Languages : English, French, Spanish.

Abilities :

  • Seeing all information on one page
  • Graphic chart
  • Alarm on scheduled time
  • Millisecond precision
  • Unlimited laps record
  • Best lap
  • Average time
  • Average speed by lap
  • Distance in 4 different units (meters, miles, yards, feet)
  • Speed in 2 different units (kph, mph)
  • Send your statistics by email to you or your friends
  • Resume after interruption using back button; don’t loose your laps if app is interrupted (by call or Windows button)
  • Send feedback button included to increase this app

The trial version is available with limitations :

  • Limit of 9 seconds laps
  • Limit of 30 seconds total
  • Smaller buttons