Steve Ballmer: Windows Phone 7 is Microsoft’s next billion dollar business

Steve Ballmer was in good form at a recent Gartner Symposium meeting, when he was asked some probing questions about the future of Microsoft.

Of interest to our audience is while Ballmer does not think Windows Phone 7 is the coolest Microsoft product of the year (that’s reserved for Kinect) he did think it would be the company’s next $1 billion business.

He also said the company intends to win market share by providing regular updates, and aimed to win 40-50% of the market (!).

When asked how he would measure success in the short term, he responded, according to ZDNet saying:

  • It should be an option for consumers. Consumers will think about Windows Phone 7 devices.
  • A platform with a growing app market.
  • Something that has a clear market response.
  • Things will be coherent. Ballmer said he agreed with Apple Steve Jobs’ take that Android was incoherent.

When asked about the Flash vs Silverlight vs HTML5 question, he came down solidly on the HTML5 side, lending support to the idea that the technology would be coming to their mobile browser also.

Is Ballmer aiming a bit too high? Let us know below.