Steve Ballmer: Microsoft Is The Most Profitable Tech Company In The Last 10 Years



Microsoft Profit Last 10 years

At Financial Analyst Meeting held yesterday, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer spoke with financial analysts for the last time. While he spoke about number of things, he was proud of what Microsoft achieved so far leaving out few missed opportunities like mobile.

“We have been very successful,” he said. “We make a ton of money. We’re very proud of that…I’m proud that we’ve made more money than anybody on this list in the last 10 years.”

He posted a chart where he compared Microsoft’s financials with all its competitors that includes Apple, Google, IBM and others. As you can see, Microsoft made the most profit in the last 10 years than any other technology company. And also, Microsoft paid the most dividend than any other company in the last 10 years.
Read his full transcript below.

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