Steve Ballmer CES Keynote – all the Windows Mobile –relevant news


7, 2010

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ces2010The CES Live stream has just started, and we will be keeping a close eye on it (and recording it for even closer analysis) and will be updating this page with any news relevant to Windows Mobile, which may not be a lot, as it appears the focus will be more on tablets and Project Natal.

Reload this page for any updates.

6:58  It starts.

7:05  Ballmer says the talk will focus on the PC, TV and cloud, Mobile conspicuously absent.

7:08 Ballmer says the middle class is its market.  A dig at Apple?

7:09 Talking about Microsoft’s successes in 2009 – Xbox 39 million out there.  Bing – 11 million users added.

7:11 Bing to become default search engine on HP devices. Yawn. Ford Sync doing well, 1 million Faits with Windows Automotive sold.

7:13 ZuneHD rave reviews, Zune music service being expanded in future to other Microsoft platforms. Windows Mobile 6.5 briefly mentioned.  HD2 for T-Mobile USA announced. Windows Phones will be discussed more at that show “next month”.

7:15 Windows 7 is his favourite topic.

7:17 Windows 7 is fastest selling OS in history. 94% satisfaction rate.

7:19 Windows PC the most popular smart device in the world. 4 million Apps for that. Take that Apple.

7:23 Some random laptops and PC’s shown off.

7:27 Bleo reader being shown off.

7:39 Much boring PC and Media centre stuff shown off.

7:42 FINALLY – Video on demand coming to Windows Mobile!!

7:49 Robbie Bach comes on, talks about X-box.

8:00 He mentions Zune Marketplace, and video which has been purchased being viewable on all your screens at home – PC , X-box… and ZuneHD.  No mention of WM.

8:04 Now Project Natal. Pretty cool as usual. Coming by “Holiday 2010”

8:11 Finished.

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