Steve Ballmer at UK TechDays Event on WP7,Windows Tablets

Steve Ballmer gave his keynote speech at UK TechDays Event. He mentioned that Microsoft will be announcing WP7 devices in next two weeks and he commented that the reason developers have not been provided test hardware prior to the official launch, was to help drive consumer excitement. Also he spoke about Microsoft’s mobile vision and how it differs from its competitors. He even commented on Android which are interesting.

Steve also mentioned Microsoft’s tablet strategies which they still believe that iPad doesn’t provide good experience and that can be done using Windows 7 powered slates. Only he knows exactly what they mean despite iPad’s huge success in the market. Then he said about Windows 7’s success, Office 2010, Windows Azure, SharePoint, etc. There were few demos mentioning Windows Phone 7’s development, its multi tasking capabilities,notifications services,etc.

For more details visit UK Tech Days site.

Source: lifeintech