Stephen Elop: More Differentiation In Lumia Devices Coming With Windows Phone 8



Author Pradeep // in News

In the Q&A session after the earnings call today, Nokia executives were asked about the gross margin related to smart devices. Nokia CEO answered that they are working with Microsoft to deliver increasing pattern of differentiation and unique capabilities in the next wave of new Lumia devices coming and the wave after of that. He also added that Nokia has clearly more opportunity in differentiation of the Lumia device in market which will also increase the gross margin. He also revealed that the current Windows Phone OS is restrictive in ways and that was mainly because Nokia was too late in entering the current smartphone ecosystem.

Stephen Elop also said that Nokia will focus on a strategy  with specific market, specific device, specific carrier  instead of just releasing a device across the whole region on all the carriers. Also Nokia has learned lot about retail sales of Lumia devices and now they clearly know what works and what does not in retail channels and will invest in improving the retail presence of Lumia devices.


Source: Nokia


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