Stephen Elop Defends Nokia Using AOSP(Android) Platform, Cites Great Oppurtunity For Microsoft Services


24, 2014

Talking to Recode, Nokia’s VP of Devices an Services division defended their latest move on releasing a new X series of devices based on AOSP(Android) platform. He said Nokia chose Windows Phone platform then to fundamentally create a differentiated portfolio and he pointed out that many Android device OEMs are finding it difficult to make profits. He cited that this new AOSP platform will become the gateway to bring users into Microsoft eco-system.

“We have to earn the right for that next purchase,” said Elop, who served as Nokia CEO for the past few years and is now the interim head of its device unit until the Microsoft deal closes. “What we’ve done, of course, is make sure the primary user interface is uniquely Nokia.”

“There’s a lot of people in Redmond very excited about being able to reach, literally, tens of millions of people who have no other way of having an experience with Microsoft,” Elop said. “The average person that will buy a Nokia X does not have a PC, does not have a tablet, has missed that generation of experiences.”

He also highlighted the fact that Microsoft has an opportunity to profit from services in places where Office and Windows are not big sellers.

“In many of growth economies where the Nokia X will generate profit, there has not be an easy way for Microsoft to generate profit,” he said. “People aren’t buying PCs or software is not readily paid for.”

Source: Recode

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