Stephen Elop “very pleased” with Lumia growth in India

india.pngSpeaking to IndianExpress Nokia Chief Executive Officer Stephen Elop expressed satisfaction with the growth of Nokia’s Lumia line in India.

"In terms of what is happening in Lumia for us in India, the volumes are picking up quite nicely. We got a broader portfolio in the Indian market from (Lumia) 920 to 620 and 520 and so forth. We are very pleased with the pick up we are seeing with those products in India," he said.

The Lumia range spans the price range from Rs 9,800-36,000 ($180 to $650), and Elop attributed the improved performance to rising wealth in the country and said India was a good example of a country where Nokia needed to focus both on the high end and low end.

“Because of growing wealth, the growing middle and upper classes (in India) we have a great opportunity with Lumia and we are beginning to capture that. The Lumia numbers are very encouraging."

"India sets that aspiration… we also recognised very large number of people who are more constrained in their ability to spend. I think India is a good example where we have to do both. There are countries around the world where only high end plays, United States is an example," Elop said.

He noted that in USA "highest priced devices are subsidised so that the actual cost appears to be low to the consumers" because of "operators subsidies".

He recognized that Nokia still had far to go to regain market share in India.

"In some stores, its just iPhone and Android. That’s our challenge to increase the willingness of sales people to recommend and at the same time create enough awareness around Lumia smartphone experience."

"In absolute terms, we are at lower levels (compared to iPhone and Android based phones). We are starting from zero in those price bands in India as we started just over a year ago. We have to built that. Samsung and Apple have been building up for longer period of time in the Indian market and we have to do that," Elop said.

"It will take time but we will be able to build that (good market share) ," he said.

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