Steampunk Fantasy, FREE for Windows Phone 7

Steampunk Fantasy takes the best parts of your favorite puzzle strategy games like Tetris and Bejeweled, and combines them into one addictive ride! Gameplay is simple – fill the steam gauge by connecting 5 or more pieces of steampunk machinery. Master the art of building connections of *more* than 5 pieces for huge point bonuses!

  • Highly addictive, unique gameplay
  • Gorgeous graphics combined with intricately detailed animation
  • Full musical score
  • Timed Mode – Score as high as you can in a set time
  • Survival Mode – Play as far as you can as the pieces drop faster with each level you attain
  • Challenge Mode – Test your skills in 30 challenges of various difficulties
  • Worldwide leaderboards for Timed and Survival Modes
  • Save your progress at any time, auto-save when you task out from the app

Free worldwide.

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