While Steam may be losing to the Epic Games Store in terms of exclusive titles, Valve’s storefront will always win in terms of features. Steam’s newest feature, called Remote Play Together, will allow players to experience couch co-op over the internet.

Announced by indie developer Adam Spragg, developer of Hidden in Plain Sight, the feature will allow anyone who owns a local multilayer title to invite friends to play with them.

“The feature is designed to add value to multiplayer games which do not already have native online capabilities,” the announcement reads. “When the friend accepts an invitation to play, it’s as though they’re playing side by side at the same name.”

Spragg states that the feature will become available in beta form within the next few weeks.

Much like other services which offer the same kind of feature, like ParsecGaming, only one player needs to own the game that both wish to play. As long as the host owns the game that everyone wishes to play, then they can invite others to play the title.

With the service running entirely over the internet, it’s not yet known how Valve will be handling the streaming. Hopefully, sometime soon, Valve will release details on the bandwidth needed to successfully stream games to your friends. No matter what, Remote Play Together is a solid feature.