Steam Hardware Survey gives us a glimpse into the December gaming trends


4, 2020

Steam has published the hardware data for the month of December. In case you didn’t know, Steam does a hardware survey and records the changes in hardware usage by gamers every month. Since Steam is one of the most popular game application, it’s likely to give the best insights.

Moving on to the survey, Windows 10 saw a massive drop in the share bringing it to 61.09% from 74.23%. Surprisingly, Windows 7 gained over 14% of the market and now holds 33.04%. Apart from that, all the versions of Windows saw a drop in the market share but Windows overall still holds 96.86% of the market. The remaining is split between Linux and macOS which holds 0.67% and 2.47% respectively. DX 12, on the other hand, saw a huge bump going from 17.8% to 34.7%.

Coming to hardware, Nvidia has seen a decent bump the market share and now holds 80.5% of the market share. The rest is divided among Intel (7.5%) and AMD (11.9%). Intel, however, is dominating when it comes to CPU with 83.79% of the market share. Moving on to VR, Windows Mixed Reality dropped 0.02% and currently sits at 0.08%. The most popular VR among Steam users is the Oculus Rift.

Steam does have other interesting stats as well which you can check out on their website. Unfortunately, the stats don’t show the full picture as it’s not possible for a single piece of software to capture all of the data. That said, the hardware survey still gives us some insights into the type of hardware used by gamers.

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