Statcounter shows iOS losing market share, only Android and Windows Phone 7 growing

Mobile OS Market Share %Jan 11Feb 11Mar 11
BlackBerry OS15.0314.5214.1
Windows Phone0.140.260.28


The Statcounter data for March is now available, and it continues to show Windows Phone 7 growing , albeit at a slower pace than immediately after launch.

StatCounter  aggregates data from a sample exceeding 15 billion page views per month collected from across the StatCounter network of more than 3 million websites, and shows web activity of the installed base.

While WP7 growth was not as robust as immediately after launch, at 8% MoM it still exceeded the 4% of Android, and certainly beat the negative of all the other relevant mobile operating systems.

iOS, which includes iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch, lost 1% market share, Blackberry 3%, Maemo 8% and of course webOS a massive 10%.

At the rate RIM is losing market share, it is likely the OS will have less than 10% by the end of the year, lending support to the IDC prediction that Windows Phone 7 will overtake the OS by 2015.

While at this rate of growth it will take a long time for Windows phone to close the installed base gap between it and its rivals, it does demonstrate that the OS remains a worthwhile investment for OEMS, and consumers continue to chose the OS at ever increasing numbers.