StartMenuEx – extended Start Menu for your Smartphone

StartMenuExTo see application written for Smartphone platform is always something special for me. Lot of developers choose to neglect this ‘one hand’ friendly platform while they develope there applications, even when only thing that needs to be done to make it usable on Smartphone is to redirect focus to some controls on some key presses.

By looking at the picture, one might ask what is so special about this application? Well, user interface is definitily nothing special, it’s mostly the same like standard start menu on Smartphone. BUT, it has hidden MUST HAVE feature that we all would like to see in many other applications. It uses ‘contacts like’ search of applications in start menu and all subfolders! That means that most of the time, by pressing just 2 or 3 keys you can start any application instead of scrolling and manually searching for application that you want to start. For example, if you want to start Bubble Breaker which is located in Games subfolder you would just press keys 2-8-2 wherever you are positioned in start menu and StartMenuEx would filter applications while you press these keys and then it would automatically start Bubble Breaker. All that is way easyer then scrolling to find Games subfolder, opening Games subfolder and then opening Bubble Breaker.

Application uses simple look just as standard start menu do, but offers feature that is absolut must-have! Also, StartMenuEx costs only 3.49$ and it is worth every penny. You can download demo version to try this application.