The 1.4 update for Stardew Valley, which is set to breathe a whole new lease of life into the game, is officially set to release on PC on November 26th.

ConcernedApe, creator of Stardew Valley, says that one of the main goals with 1.4 was to “finally polish the game to the degree that [he] always wanted.”

That means that bugs have been fixed, controls have been refined, and Stardew Valley will receive some quality of life features to make the farming life significantly more seamless than it is in real life.

The examples that ConcernedApe gives includes the Wild Bait, which used to be “essentially worthless” and now gives the player a chance to catch double the normal amount of fish.

Each spouse has now been given a unique 14-heart event after marriage, which is great news for anyone who felt that their relationships went sort of stagnant after marriage. You can see a sneak peek of Harvey’s event below.

ConcernedApe also confirmed that there’s plenty more end-game content, which is interesting enough given that Stardew Valley doesn’t really have a set end-game, but won’t share any more information for fear of spoiling the game.

PC players will also be thrilled to know that 1.4 implements a new screenshot button in the Options menu that allows you to take a screenshot of your entire farm or any other area on the map.

As mentioned above, the 1.4 update will hit PC on November 26th. The update is completely free. If all goes well, the update will hopefully hit consoles and mobile a few weeks after.

The PlayStation Vita version of Stardew Valley will also receive a small update to fix in-game problems, but will remain on version 1.2 content-wise. Those who want to experience 1.3 (multiplayer) or above should consider picking up the game on another platform.

ConcernedApe also confirmed that there are currently no plans to bring multiplayer to the mobile versions of the game. Mobile players will still get the 1.4 update, though.

In related news, the 1.3 multiplayer update for Stardew Valley finally managed to pass certification and hit Xbox One consoles just a few days ago. That means that Xbox One players with an Xbox Live Gold subscription can finally farm with their friends.

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Stardew Valley is currently available on Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita, iOS, and Android. You can pick it up on Steam here, the PlayStation Store here, the Microsoft Store here, the Switch eShop here, the Apple App Store here, and the Google Play Store here. Happy farming!