Starbucks Card Major Update available in the Windows Phone Marketplace, now check your Starbucks Reward Information

Starbucks Card Screen 1Starbucks Card Screen 2Starbucks Card Screen 3

Starbucks Card now allows you to check your Starbucks Reward information. Now you can find out how many stars you have remaining before a free drink!

With the latest update Starbucks Card allows you to:

  • Check Starbuck reward information
  • Create a secondary tile for each Starbucks card
  • Revamped location search!!
  • Enter multiple cards with custom names
  • Check card balances
  • Security code is no longer required to add a card
  • Pay for purchases
  • Track orders through the order notepad
  • Save favorite locations to easily access in the future
  • Easy to Use Interface

Give it for free!