Star Zed : Free edition available!

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Prepare to fight for the universe, for mankind…and for the leaderboard!
Star Zed is a 360 degrees unlimited playfield space shooter where you fight hordes of evil aliens while moving and dodging in any direction. Enemies will drop different bonuses that will upgrade your main fire, secondary fire, speed as well as recharge up to 3 smart bombs that can be activated to unleash tremendous firepower.
Choose your weapon configuration and jump into hyperspace!

Main Features:

  • More than 20 levels of nonstop campaign action
  • Survival game mode unlocked after level 6
  • Unlock each level and continue from that
  • 3 fire modes with more than 10 power levels
  • Unique enemies attacking with different patterns
  • Nasty bosses waiting for you at specific points
  • Many different backgrounds and locations changing at every level
  • Power up your main shot and add secondary shots like side and back lasers!
  • Store smart-bomb energy and unleash destruction at will!
  • Stay alive and raise your multiplier bar for incredible hi-scores!
  • Online leaderboards to brag about your insane hi-score!

The game can be downloaded here.

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See some screen shots after the break.