Bioware has announced that Star Wars: The Old Republic’s latest expansion, Legacy of the Sith, has been delayed at the 11th hour. 

Previously, Star Wars: The Old Republic Legacy of the Sith was planned to launch in just a few short days on December 14th 2021, but now that date has been dramatically pushed back, with the new release date being scheduled for the 15th of February 2022.

In a blog post announcing this delay, project director Keith Kanneg explained that “Legacy of the Sith is something the team has been hard at work on for quite a while but as we get ever closer to launch, it is clear that we need a bit more time.”

“We’re focusing additional testing on the many areas we have changed throughout the game to deliver the experience we want, and one that you deserve,” Kanneg continued. 

Thankfully for eager fans who can’t wait to get their hands on the Legacy of the Sith expansion, the majority of the expansion, outside of the story content, will be returning to the public test servers this week, so there will still be something to enjoy in the place of the full expansion. 

In Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Legacy of the Sith expansion, players will go to the “darkest depths and farthest reaches of the galaxy and unlock the ability to choose your personal combat style.” Players will also venture to the underwater facilities of Manaan, as well as a Sith Fortress on the planet Elom.