‘Star Trek Online’ Agents of Yesterday expansion now available on Xbox One

Perfect World Entertainment and Crytpic Studios today announced that the latest major expansion for ‘Star Trek Online’, titled Agents of Yesterday, is now available for both Xbox One and PS4. The expansion was already available for PC. The expansion allows player to create a new Captain in the timeline of Star Trek: The Original Series.

The update also features a new Episode titled “Echoes of Light”, new queues, reputations, and the the K-13 Fleet Holding.

Check out the list of new features and fixes below:

  • Create a 23rd Century Captain
  • Anniversary Event
  • Fleet Armada
  • New Queues
  • New Reputations
  • New Fleet Holding: Starbase K-13
  • Badlands Battlezone

You can read more about these new features, and general fixes and content here.

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