The coronavirus pandemic has seen a rise in the use of Zoom but the company has been struggling to maintain user privacy. The company, however, has faced a lot of backlash for not taking customer privacy seriously which forced the company to freeze feature releases for 90-days to patch the neverending list of vulnerabilities. Just yesterday, we reported how Zoom users’ credentials were sold by hackers on the dark web.

Today Standard Chartered CEO Bill Winters sent out a memo to employees asking them to refrain from using Zoom. According to Reuters, Standard Chartered CEO asked managers to stop using Google Hangouts last week for virtual meetings. Reuters also approached the Standard Chartered spokesperson who declined to comment on the matter but assured that “cybersecurity remains a top priority and that staff can use several authorized tools for audio and video conferencing.” Some employees familiar with the matter told Reuters that BlueJeans is primarily being used within the organization.

Standard Chartered is just the latest company to ban Zoom within its organization. Earlier, SpaceX and Google banned the service while multiple governments have asked their members to find an alternative to Zoom for virtual meetings.