StaffPad App Updated In Windows Store With New Features And Improvements

staffpad windows store

The first update to StaffPad was today released in the Windows Store. This update adds some useful features, as well as the usual fixes and enhancements to the app itself.

Here’s a quick rundown of the new features:
Staff Reordering: You can now change the score order of instruments, by using the new ‘move up’ and ‘move down’ controls in the Instruments pane.

Multi-rests:  StaffPad will now automatically add multi-rests upon printing. You won’t see multi-rests in the main score ‘infinity’ view, but StaffPad will insert them as appropriate during the print process. You can disable multi-rests if you don’t like them!

Custom time signatures: It’s now possible to enter custom time signatures, like 8/2 or 13/1, rather than having to stick to the predefined tile options. To insert a custom time signature, scroll to the end of the tiles list, and choose the ‘…’ option. A keypad will pop up, allowing you to insert the top number (the numerator), followed by a selection for the bottom (the denominator).

Enhanced tempo support: Tempo markings now playback correctly, and we’ve added quick insert tiles for dotted markings.

Update it from Windows Store.