Stadia pre-orders may not arrive on launch day for some customers


23, 2019

Just because you’ve pre-ordered yourself a Google Stadia Founder’s Edition, or Premiere Edition, doesn’t mean you’ll get the service on launch day. That’s right, some Google Stadia pre-orders may not arrive on launch day.

With the service launching on November 19th, it was presumed that those who pre-ordered the physical package of Google’s streaming service would get access to the product on launch day.

With two versions of the streaming service’s proprietary physical packages – Founder’s Edition and Premiere Edition – available for customers, it was expected that players would be able to play as soon as the service goes live.

Unfortunately, these physical packages will only start arriving on Stadia’s release date. Google has told The Verge that the product is being shipped out in a “first come, first serve” manner. Even if you put down your money months ago, you may not get it until after release.

Google is also shipping out Stadia kits in the order that the company has received them. This means that those who have already purchased the Premiere Edition will probably not be able to experience the service’s premiere.

Google’s promises that they won’t keep purchased kits away for long. The company expects all Stadia kits to be delivered within two weeks of the service’s launch.

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