Stacks For Instapaper 2.2 is Mango-ready

Stacks has been updated to reap all the benefits from the new features of Windows Phone 7.5.

  • Fast-switching support: Windows Phone’s improved multitasking keeps apps in memory even when they are not used. Stacks will resume even faster now.
  • New storage back-end for better performance.
  • The Light theme gets an improved UI with new icons and more contrasted titles in the “Folder” pages
  • A background task now synchronizes your Unread folder even when Stacks is not running. Stacks will fetch new bookmarks and their content every 30 minutes or so. The availability of this feature is subject to some limitations, like the number of apps using it simultaneously, or the battery level of your device.
  • Live Tile notification displays the number of new items when new bookmarks have been downloaded in the background.
  • Enhanced social-sharing with the built-in accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Live and LinkedIn)
  • Instant access to the furthest-read location of an article.

imageStacks For Instapaper version 2.2 costs $2.99 with a free trial and  is now available in the Marketplace here.

For more details and a trial version, head over to

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