ST Microelectronics Opens Up Nokia’s Two-axis Gyroscope Used For Image Stabilization To Other OEMs


29, 2014

ST Nokia OIS Gyro
There was a report from The Register today that ST Microelectronics have now opened up L2G2IS to other OEMs as it was exclusive to Nokia so far. Actually, ST announced this tiny two-axis gyroscope for image stabilization that can be used for optical image stabilization applications two weeks back. L2G2IS includes a sensing element and an IC interface capable of providing the measured angular rate to the external world through an SPI digital interface. The unique sensing element is manufactured using a dedicated micromachining process developed by STMicroelectronics to produce inertial sensors and actuators on silicon wafers. This sensor is a one of the many parts in the whole Nokia imaging unit, and opening up this sensor won’t make much difference in terms of how other OEMs will deliver improved imaging results.

Also, there are competitors for STMicroelectronics in this space. InvenSense announced world’s smallest dual axis gyroscope for optical image stabilization in smartphones last year. If you want refresh yourself on how OIS works on Nokia device, read the description from Nokia after the break.

Source: The Register

Technically our OIS is the barrel shift type first seen in
the Nokia Lumia 920. (Other ways of making optical image
stabilisation systems include barrel tilt, sensor tilt
or module tilt, but for our purposes barrel shift gives
the best quality.) In the Lumia 1020 the optics are much
bigger, and adding OIS technology to optics of that size
required some really clever engineering: the whole lens
system is resting on top of ball bearings and is actively moved with very small motors to counteract the unwanted
camera movements detected by a gyroscope.
If you lightly wobble the phone and listen to the camera,
you can actually hear the module that absorbs the shaking
of your hand. Once the camera is activated, give the
phone the same wobble and the magnets kick in and soak
up the movements.


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