SSH goes pro with SSH Client Pro for Windows Phone 7.5

Most of us will rarely if ever need a SSH client, but as the admin of our server I know when the site is acting up sometimes the only solution is to SSH in and delete those bulky log files.

That makes SSH a pretty specialized productivity solution, which probably explains why Tommi Pirttiniemi released the Pro version of his already good SSH Client.


The app’s features include:

  • Multiple active connections
  • Custom settings for every connection:
  • 6 Different customizable gestures! (Flick Left, Flick Right, Flick Up, Flick Down, Double Tap and Hold)
  • Customizable 9-pad to play Nethack or ADOM more easily
  • Customizable App bar buttons and menu items
  • Option to run command after login (like screen -rd)
  • Support for Ctrl, Esc, Tab, Cursor keys, Function keys and custom combinations (ie. Escape + Left)
  • Private key authentication
  • Different font types and sizes
  • 6 different color palettes and customizable palette!
  • Customizable foreground- and background colors
  • On-screen and physical keyboard support
  • Runs under the lock screen
  • Url parsing and instant browser view for links and return back to connection!
  • Copy text to clipboard
  • Paste text from clipboard (or type in text yourself)
  • Portrait mode
  • Pin connections as live tiles
  • Backlog support
  • UTF8 support
  • Great performance!

SSH Client Pro costs £2.49 unfortunately without a free trial, and can be found in Marketplace here. A free version, with less bells and whistles, can be found here.