Square Off Xbox Live Indie game coming to Windows Phone 7


30, 2011

Gnomic Studios will soon release their  critically acclaimed  Xbox 360 game Square Off on Windows Phone 7, available as of May 2nd 2011.

The game includes a seven-level single player campaign, complete with a survival mode to test your endurance against the swarming alien hordes. There is also a local high-score board and new game play controls customised specifically for the Windows Phone 7 version.

Lead developer Aranda Morrison explained why Gnomic decided to release Square Off for Windows Phone. " We see the Windows Phone platform as a great opportunity to bring Square Off to a whole new breed of gamers. Coming from Xbox, WP7 was the logical next step due to both systems supporting the Xna Framework."

Quality Assurance Lead Josh Stewart said that the team worked hard to ensure Square Off would be more than just a straight port. "As an indie developer we are not bound by the demands of big publishers and decided to take extra time to polish the game and have made a number of improvements to make Square Off really shine on Windows Phone 7", he said. "The control scheme just feels right but we also included some options for players who have different control preferences".

The full game is priced at $2.99 USD and a free demo of Square Off will also available.

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