Sprint Treo Pro imminent

The Sprint version of the Palm Treo Pro has been much leaked, and the latest news is that models are now in stores, which can only the release will be pretty soon.

WMexperts seems to have the device pretty much covered.  The have published some Sprint Internal slides showing the device, including this interesting one comparing it to other Sprint smartphones.

Of note is that the Sprint version is set to run at a smooth 528 Mhz  and will boast a much later 512 MB Flash Storage (we will ignore the obvious 32 Mb RAM error). WMExperts speculate the device will ship from the get go with IE6 on 6, with Flash intergrated in the browser.

Treocentral published this hands-on account from a reader who found one in his local store:

  • very nice feel in the hand, well made
  • Flush screen is nice
  • Touch sensitive butons worked well
  • Keyboard smaller than my 800w but wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be
  • Audio quality was great, earpiece and speaker
  • Pro has a manual PRL update icon in settings menu
  • Has a youtube icon that goes to Kinoma Freeplay when pressed
  • Memmory was 369 storage and program (I think, will verify)

He noted that his Treo 800w feels like a Ford truck and the Pro fel like a BMW. Sound like he was pretty darn impressed with the Tro Pro.

 Read more about the device at WMExperts.com.