Sprint Touch Pro vs AT&T Fuze



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Slashgear has both a Sprint HTC Touch Pro and an AT&T HTC Fuze, and have been comparing them with each others. Surprisingly there are quite a large number of differences between the two devices.

Besides the obvious internal CDMA vs GSM differences, Slashgear noted the following differences:

AT&T HTC Fuze Sprint HTC Touch Pro
No belt holster belt holster
No number row Number row
More symbol and shortcut keys Less shortcut keys, no start or Ok key
5.8 oz 5.3 oz
6.6 hour talk time 4 hour talk time
Faster TouchFlo3D Less responsive TouchFlo3D
Louder speaker phone, but worse sound quality Less loud, but fuller and richer
Speaker at back Speaker on top
Diamond back Flat back
Shorter 2 mm longer
Squarer Rounder
All black Shiny chrome accents
Square stylus top Rounded stylus top
Less recessed action button More recessed action button
Push to talk button No Push to talk button

Whether these minor differences will make the decision to chose either device is unlikely, but it should be noted that there have been many reports of poorer video performance on the CDMA devices, and also poorer battery life, both which may be more significant.

Read the full article, which includes many pictures illustrating the differences here.

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