Sprint HTC Snap reviewed, not loved


WMExperts have been given a Sprint HTC Snap to review, and were rather unimpressed by the devices.

The good:

Speed? It’s a very snappy Snap. That 528MHz processor is a sweet spot for WM devices these days and WM Standard is no different. The boot time is just seconds and opening any app, even Skyfire, is just a blink. Can’t really say I see any lag. Also, internet speeds are just blazing fast on this device — it even seems quicker than the Treo Pro.

Then the bad:

  • No WiFi
  • No 3.5mm headphonejack
  • No side thumb-wheel
  • No trackball

Malatesta also reports poorer build quality than the Sprint Treo Pro and concludes:

Definitely a step down for Treo Pro users and, to be honest, for an extra $50 you can get WiFi, 3.5mm headset jack and a 320×320 touchscreen in the Treo Pro, making the HTC Snap a somewhat strange choice. It’s also a bit cheap feeling.

Read the full review at WMExperts here.