Sprint gets the Touchpro2 memo

It seems like just about every carrier has released their version of the Touchpro2 both in stores and online, well its seems Sprint is HTC Touch Pro2 _2finally catching up. Sprint is one of the USA’s biggest mobile phone company, but it seems they are getting slow at things. US Cellular has already released the TP2 months ago in stores and online, now Sprint is planning their release of the best device with a keyboard this coming Monday(Nov16) in most of the stores.

I called some stores around my area and I also got the “all clear” for the phone in stock. The current Sprint costumers that have been waiting to get a real demo of the phone and that will give up hours of work and $349.99, will be happily engaged with one tomorrow. So wake up early tomorrow around 9AM and run to the store–like you did when you where a kid going to get candy—and get your own Touchpro2 like everyone else.

Thanks Pocketnow for the details


P.S If your getting Buyers remorse, think about it….. Your getting the phone that has the largest Touch screen with a keyboard that runs one of the major phone OS’s