Spotify’s Release Radar promises up to 2hrs of new music every week

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Spotify’s is improving its app for Windows and other mobile platforms with a new feature for discovery of new music. This feature – branded as Release Radar – is a new music curation service like Spotify’s Discover Weekly.

To quickly recap for those unfamiliar with the feature, Spotify Discover Weekly is an automatic playlist feature (much like Microsoft’s own Your Groove) that provides playlists for users on Mondays, allowing them to discover music according to their tastes. Release Radar is a slightly different beast, it provides a playlist of new music at the end of a week. Unlike Discover Weekly, this provides you new music at the end of the week, allowing you to discover new music you may have otherwise not found.

From Spotify’s announcement:

Updated every Friday, Release Radar gives you up to two hours of the newest drops from the artists you follow and listen to the most, sprinkled in with some new discoveries based on your recent listening habits. Release Radar is the perfect complement to New Music Friday, which connects you with hot new artists you may not know about yet. You’ll soon find your personalized Release Radar playlist in the New Releases for You section within Discover on mobile and desktop.

This update is already available to Windows users on the desktop, and can be gotten from one of the source links below or by Spotify’s automatic update feature. While Spotify is likely not going to bring the new release to Windows 10 Mobile users – Discover Weekly and Spotify Running are still MIA – Microsoft’s homegrown Your Groove feature is shaping up to be very nice for both mobile and desktop users alike. When combined with the ability to add your own music and store it via OneDrive, it’s enough to make some users switch services.

Nonetheless, Spotify has slightly more to say about their new Release Radar  – so check it out from the source link below.

Developer: Spotify AB
Price: Free