A few months ago Spotify released their much-leaked Car Thing music player on an invitation-only basis to some US subscribers. That exclusivity means we have not heard much about how the accessory operates.

Today we have a review by Joshua Chang, who managed to get the device via Spotify’s waiting list.

From the review, the Spotify Car Thing acted mainly as a dedicated secondary display for your phone, and would seamlessly connect to both your phone and your car stereo via Bluetooth.

Chang seems pretty satisfied with the device, saying the main issue was that the UI was somewhat laggy, but that this was far from a deal-breaker.

Spotify Car Thing features:

  • Use voice control for easy access. Spotify’s voice search lets you quickly play specific music or podcasts and can even help you find something new. Just say “Hey Spotify,” then ask for a song, album, artist, playlist, station, or podcast. With four microphones along the top, Car Thing can understand what you’re asking to play, even with the music turned up or your windows down.
  • Try the dial for a hands-on way to steer to the audio you love. You can also browse deeper, curating the perfect soundtrack to wherever you’re headed. Use the dial to browse, select, play, pause, and discover.
  • View the touchscreen display to see what’s playing. You can also use the screen to see what’s in your library, as well as results from voice search. Swipe to browse further or skip or tap to play.
  • Choose four preset buttons to get to your favorites faster and then change them anytime. They’ll always bring you the newest podcast episodes and up-to-date news.

Spotify Car Thing is compatible with most of the cars out there. If you can play music from your phone on your car stereo today, then Car Thing will work using a USB outlet, Bluetooth and AUX. Car Thing connects to the Spotify app on your smartphone and uses the mobile data or Wi-Fi connection from your smartphone to work.

Spotify Car Thing player

Pricing and Availability:

Car Thing from Spotify is currently a limited product launch, available in the U.S. on an invite-only basis. For a set time, Car Thing is available at no cost (excluding shipping) to select Spotify listeners. Car Thing requires a paid Spotify Premium subscription plan and a smartphone with WiFi or mobile data connection. Eligible paying subscribers only. One Car Thing per eligible subscriber, while supplies last. You can join the wait list at carthing.spotify.com.