Spotify announces refreshed Podcast Show page with new trailers

February 19, 2020

Spotify yesterday announced new updates that will make podcast listening experience better for users around the world. Spotify is releasing a refreshed Podcast Show page with new trailers and category tags featured at the top.

The new Podcast Show page design features descriptions on top, so you don’t have to swipe on a show to read about it. Also, the descriptive show categories (tags) will be displayed below the show description allowing you to tap on them and explore more podcasts in that category.

Some podcasts have trailer episodes. Until now, you have to search for the trailer episode from the list of episodes. With this update, the trailer “episode” will be prominently highlighted at the top of the episode list.

Podcast is turning out to be a big category for Spotify. Spotify now has a catalog of 700,000+ podcasts on a variety of topics. Spotify recently revealed that it saw exponential growth in podcast consumption. More than 16% of Spotify’s monthly active subscribers now engage with Podcast content, and consumption hours in Q4 have grown nearly 200% YoY.

Source: Spotify

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