Spoticast for Spotify updated with Radio support and speed improvements


You may not be able to use Spotify as a universal Windows app on your Windows device, or even at all on your Xbox, but you can download an app which can approximate the experience and carry over your playlists and songs from Spotify.

The app recently picked up an update in the store – well two updates this week – to make it a better experience for users. The first update recompiles the app in order to improve its speed and stability, so it should be less crashy for users on Xbox, phone, and PC.

The next update also adds support for Radio, so you can now auto-generate playlists in the app itself. It’s not exactly Spotify since the app pulls audio from YouTube as opposed to Spotify’s library, but for the price £3.89 lifetime vs £99+ for a year, it’s definitely a steal for users who don’t want to pay for music subscriptions.

Here’s the changelog below (for brevity’s sake, I’m combining the changelog for the last two updates – both this week);

  • Recompiled with Last .net Core 5.2.2 (faster, more stable etc.)
  • few bug fixes
  • Radio support (by categories on the main page, or right click on a track/album/artist and play a radio about it)

The app is free for a day, but if you liked it you can pay £3.89 after a day so you can download in the store from the store link below.

Spodicast Music
Spodicast Music
Developer: Webrox
Price: Free