SportyPal updated

paceSportyPal is an easy to use workout application that will record your activity, the amount of calories your burn and a lot more, and allow you to compare it on the device or upload it to their website for further analysis.

It  has been updated to version 1.08 and fixed some bugs and brings new features.

New in this version:

  • Finally fixed altitude, at least on our devices. Be sure to tell us if your device saves altitude data for workouts made with this version.
  • Advanced settings in 1.0.8

    Added an advanced settings section in “My Profile”. Here’s what it lets you do:

    • Allows you to disable pace view during running workouts. This serves the same purpose as the option in the “Choose Workout” screen.
    • Allows you to disable SportyPal’s power savings mode. Uncheck the “Turn display off during workout” if you want the display on all the time, or if turning the display off kills your GPS signal.
    • Allows you to disable language inferring. Most devices don’t have a problem with this, so you should probably leave it alone.
    • Allows you to manually choose the port and baud rate for your GPS device. The “Use managed GPS” setting should work for you, but in case it doesn’t… Be sure to tell us if this helps you, since our devices all work with managed GPS.
  • Swapped the time and distance labels in the workout details screen. Thanks to everyone who pointed this out.
  • Fixed pace not being loaded for the workout details screen.
  • Fixed the tracking map when the activity type was set to “Free” (crashed in 1.0.7).
  • Graph now shows pace instead of speed if pace is enabled.
  • Fixed the previous workout’s calories showing up when scrolling through workout details.
  • Fixed the hardware button selection in the list in “My Workouts”.
  • Fixed Windows Mobile Standard devices crashing post-upload.
  • Updated Russian language translation, added German and Czech.

Users upgrading directly from version 1.0 should read this note.

Download the new CAB here or directly to your device by typing in this tinyurl in your mobile browser:

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