Spinballs Special Edition out now on the Zune Marketplace

COLOGNE, Germany – June 2nd, 2011 – Christian Gross and his indie development team launched today the Special Edition of Spinballs, a fast-paced action puzzle game introducing a fresh and unique game concept, now available for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android and Windows Phone 7 devices.

Spinballs delivers untimed match-3 fun packed into an unique game concept challenging both puzzle and action game fans. Moving away from traditional colored blocks or gems Spinballs requires players to think different. Colored orbs on seven discs need to be connected by rotating those discs and building up same-color chains. Since time is running players need to act quick and smart. Clearing chains reward them with points, extra time and energy for the four special powers that can be triggered to unleash effects like points multipliers, time slowdowns, automatic orb sorting and full playground explosions.

The new Zen-Mode in Spinballs Special Edition offers a relaxing endless mode enabling players to explore all the features of Spinballs without being stressed by time pressure. And the new special recharger comes handy on charging special powers faster than before.

All those and various other features like skins, game center support and Facebook highscore publishing enhance the gaming experience Spinballs offers for both casual and hardcore gamers and keep making it the game people love and know for almost two years since its initial release.


Christian Gross
+49 (0)179 7029161
Website: www.spinballs.com

About the indie development team of Christian Gross:

Christian Gross and his indie game development team located in Cologne (Germany) work on mobile games since 2009. Although quite new in this scene the team shares many years of mobile development experience and passion for game development. In the end of 2009 Spinballs has been released for Windows Mobile and Windows PC. Due to its success on the Windows Phone Marketplace it now has been ported to almost all mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, Symbian, Bada and WebOS. They are already working on new game titles that aim to deliver unique and exciting game experiences on all major mobile platforms.