Insomniac’s Spider-Man PS4 game might be getting some new content based on the Fantastic Four.

As Marvel celebrates its Fantastic Four Week, numerous announcements have taken place regarding the classic superhero characters. In the video game space, numerous Marvel mobile games will be seeing the addition of the characters, but Spider-Man PS4 may also see some new content too.

Marvel Games’ official Twitter announced that at the end of their upcoming livestream, something “fantastic” is coming to the PS4 exclusive. They tease us so cryptically, but then they are also so transparent.

Spider-Man games do have a history of including the Fantastic Four characters within them. Ultimate Spider-Man is one of the better ones; many of the game’s races have you competing against The Human Torch.

As for what Spider-Man PS4’s content could be, it’s probably a new type of suit. While we can’t say for sure, the game’s DLC is over but Insomniac has shown that they’re willing to introduce new suits after all of the DLC has wrapped up. (Cue, Rami Suit.)