Spider-Man Miles Morales performance mode will run at 4K 60fps


20, 2020

Insomniac Games’ upcoming PlayStation 5 launch exclusive Spider-Man Miles Morales will have an optional performance mode for fans of silky smooth framerates. 

When the game releases this holiday, the upcoming Spider-Man PS4 sequel will allow players to choose between a Graphics Mode and Performance Mode, the former of which will run at 4K resolution with a 60fps framerate target.

The news was announced on Twitter:

Spider-Man Miles Morales will include ray-tracing and enhanced weather effects over its PlayStation 4 predecessor. While there is no news on what features will be stripped out from the graphics mode to allow the game to hit 60fps, we imagine ray-tracing capabilities will be reduced.

Miles Morales isn’t the only PlayStation 5 game that will see higher than average framerates for next-gen exclusives. The platform’s iconic racing series, Gran Turismo, will see a new entry in the form of Gran Turismo 7, a title that aims to reach higher framerates than the series has ever seen.

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