Spectra – Free Addictive Action Game for WP7

Spectra is unlike anything you’ve seen so far for Windows Phone. It’s a very unique and interesting endless action game. You have to make your way up through the different colored platforms, but you can only go through when you are a different color.

You can change your color and jump to make your way up; it sounds simple but gets challenging very quickly!

You lose if you fall further than the bottom of the screen, with your highest point marked for your next attempt. Attempting to maintain the correct tactics in your head is enormously fun, and when you fail it’s always your fault. It’s that combination of exasperation and laughing at your own mistake, and of course the need to have another go.

It’s free and you can compete in the all-time and daily leaderboards!

You can get it now in the marketplace by clicking here

If you have any feedback/suggestions please contact me at: andrewbunn@gmail.com