Specs Studio Updated with New UI and Bug fixes

2691ccba-10df-41c7-83d1-cf4c9c24f8fe 5c5e489e-a137-4db9-950c-ffe5f6d4c435 e30b70b0-cfcf-49bf-9130-cb6d61241434 Specs Studio is an application for main stream user who want identify detailed specification of your windows phone devices. Including Sensors , Camera , Battery , Display and etc.. Specs Studio picked a update today. The latest update brings some much-needed optimizations to the app and tons of bug fixes. And much needed UI /UX Improvements too. Change Log :QRCode

  • Slightly Redesigned User Interface
  • Performance Improvements
  • Simplified UX
  • Various Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.