Spb Traveller wins Xperia Panel competiton

The Sony Ericcson Xperia Panels Compeition and the winner has been announced.  Spb’s Traveller panel was judged the winner as the jury felt the Xperia panel was an ideal travel tool, well-packaged with a clearly defined user experience and friendly to use.

Spb Traveler from Spb Software helps you keep track of your travel arrangements and stay on top of meetings, even when abroad. It can track time for your destinations, or your favorite spots, while reminding you when your next flight is and your next rendezvous.

“The panels are an absolutely exceptional opportunity for developers, especially taking into account the X1’s on-device portal, which will help to further promote quality Windows Mobile software in this competitive market,” said Victoria Krasilshikova of Spb Software. “We had a vision of the new Spb Traveler from the start, but certainly, the idea of creating a panel for Sony Ericsson was the inspiration.”

Unique to the Spb Traveler is a 3D globe that animates your trip so you can see where you’re going and when with sleek animation. You can also use it to test your geographical knowledge in the Geo Game.

Need to know what the weather is like when you arrive in Mumbai? Done. The Spb Traveler provides global weather forecasts that coincide with your travel plans, as well as travel tools like a flight search and currency, unit, time and clothing size converters.

And if you’re in Paris and want to request a glass of water, the Multilingual Phrase Book tool will help you find the words, “Un verre d’eau, s’il vous plait.”

Among other nominees were Evernote, Ping.fm, Mobisystems (for their English to Japanese dictionary), and PlusFourSize (for the Swedish operator 3’s panel).

Read more at Sony Ericsson’s website here.

Via Experiacer.com